How to Reinstall Windows 7/8/10 Computer and Laptop Without Spending Costs

Reinstalling is a must when our desktop feels heavy which allows a lot of garbage to be scattered in the system, therefore this article was created to help you find this Windows reinstall solution, everyone can definitely follow this step because this article makes it easy for you with the tutorial image in this article, for that follow these steps without missing anything.

Maybe nowadays the term computer is no stranger, but many people only know how to use it, but for how to take care of the computer there are not many people who can therefore, many computer service services around you. If the problem is reinstalling, you can do it yourself to save your bag and the money to re-install it to someone else, you can buy it with your daily needs or to be combined with the items you want.

When you buy a new computer or buy a new laptop in a large shop usually the computer or laptop is not installed OS Seven or Windows and usually the big shop offers to install the os or windows at a fair price but usually if you install windows in large stores usually install with original windows but does not rule out a lot of pirated results. Reinstal Windows 7

Before reinstalling it is a good idea to prepare for the re-installation, including:

- computer

- Backup data, it is recommended to be on guard when your data is lost.

- Flashdisk, a CD that has Windows installed

- Chew WGA or Windows 7/8/10 reloader, this software is for activating windows or serial numbers.

- Name the drive D and Drive E, this makes it easier for you if you forget.

- Make sure your laptop is fully charged

Steps to reinstall:

1. Enter a Windows or Flashdisk cassette that has been booted with Windows

2. Restart your PC or laptop

3. Enter the BIOS, position your hands ready to press the Delete key. (usually each PC or laptop can be unique by pressing F2, F9, F11, F12) Look at the monitor button in question.

4. BOOT - Boot Device Priority, change the position of the hard drive with the flashdisk that must be at the top and save

5. Type any key when the "press" message appears, any key to boot from CD or DVD

6. follow the picture of the following steps


After reinstalling it is complete it would be nice if you directly use the driverpack to complete the drivers from your desktop or laptop, first install winrar first to open the driverpack. maybe some articles have been fulfilled from us, hopefully this article helps you to reinstall and hopefully this method works, if it doesn't work properly there may be settings from the bios that are not aligned with the hard drive or maybe the hard disk format is not aligned with the flashdisk boot. To change the format of the hard disk from gpt to mbr or from mbr to gpt you can visit our site again. That is all and thank you.

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