How to Make a Flashdisk into RAM on a Windows 7/8/10 Computer

Basically, flashdisk is a place to store data, but if you use logic that the flashdisk has a transfer function and it does not close that the flashdisk has a function as ram, if you don't believe you can use this tutorial and hopefully it can help computer performance for various functions, such as playing games with games that require big ram.

Then my friend asked me, could flashdisk be used as ram? and I answered yes, besides that I gave this article to my friend to practice it myself to prove my answer.

These tips are not new ones, these tips have been around for a long time, but actually people rarely know this, therefore this site will provide tutorials on how to flash into RAM.

Maybe many do not know that flashdisk can be used as ram because we only store the flashdisk as a place to store data.

The conditions that must be fulfilled by the flashdisk:
  • Flashdisk with a minimum capacity of 4 GB, bigger is better.
  • A flashdisk must be normal, it would be better if the flashdisk is new.
  • Flashdisk is recommended in NTFS, FAT16 or FAT32 format 

Flashdisk steps to RAM

1. Flashdisk plug into your computer.

2. Open "my computer"

3. Right-click the mouse on my computer

4. select "properties"
5. Select "Advanced system settings"
6. Click on the 'advanced' tab then select the setting on "performance
7. A new window will appear, select the 'advanced' tab, select the program
8. Select "change"
9. Hilangkan tanda centang kotak fitur Automatically Manage Page size, Di Custom Size tambahkan flashdisk dengan format yang sama. Masukan Nilai sama di kedua kotak tersebut, lalu klik tombol Apply.
10. Restart PC

Note: If you use a flashdisk with a capacity of 4 GB, always reduce 10MB from the available size. For example: the flashdisk used has a capacity of 4 GB and the available capacity is 3700 MB, then use a value of 3690, if the capacity that can be obtained more is better, there may be files that can be deleted. If it doesn't work then restart first.

By adding RAM with a flashdisk can help maximize the performance of your computer for a computer that lacks RAM this way is perfect for computers that lack RAM. If it still lags the possibility of your computer having to be cleaned or the windows can be infected with a virus, chances are you have to reinstall the computer, hopefully this method can work on your computer and hopefully this article can help you and get knowledge about computer science.

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