Step Clean Processor This Is Easy

If we often do computers we usually no longer say the word processor, this processor is very important because if there is no processor, the computer will die and cannot be operated. This article is thus created to help you find a solution. If this component is too hot, the motherboard will automatically detect the temperature of the processor. So take care of our computer

When you are playing a game, running a report or carrying out a task would be very difficult if the computer died suddenly and one of the factors that affect the problem of sudden death or often we meet the word from Overheating is often the case on computers that often occur. .

Thermal liquid is a liquid that is intended only for processors and also for chipsets that are easy to heat for how to clean the processor, a small example is available on VGA that has a graphics chipset and is easy to heat.
What is the cause of this processor heat? one of the causes of hot processors is:

1. Too many installed software that makes the processor performance maximum.
2. Lots of dust that enters, pollutes, blocks the air from the processor fan.

Preparation :

- Provide thermal liquids
- Cotton
- Brush

Process cleaning steps:

  1. Use a small brush to clean dust but not too small as long as it fits with the processor fan. Not just using any liquid, just give thermal liquids to the components that require the liquid, because the computer components are very vulnerable to water.
  2. Clean ROM, RAM, VGA and power supply as well so that computer performance is better.
  3. For heatsink, clean it using a brush that has been prepared, for those who do not know what it is, the heatsink is fastened under a processor fan made of iron.
  4. Separate iron heatsink from fan: aims to facilitate cleaning
  5. Processor: how to clean it with cotton. why do you need cotton? Shouldn't you use a brush? Answer: logically, the processor liquid dries on the processor if only with a cotton processor it will not clean because the liquid processor is very dry into a crust. (it is not recommended to use sharp objects)
  6. Reattach the processor and heatsing carefully, because the processor needle is very sensitive bent.
  • Do not spray any liquid other than thermal liquid to computer components. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto the cloth then use a cloth to rub under the components.
  • If you have used other liquids such as water to a computer component, don't turn on the computer directly. Wait a few hours or can be helped with a dryer such as a hair dryer.
  • Make sure the computer is not connected to electricity.
  • Be careful when using cleaning solutions because it can reduce component performance or even damage.
  • When cleaning the computer, be careful not to knock on other components.
  • When cleaning the processor, pay attention not to hold a fan between the fan blades.
  • You are required to do maintenance at least once every 3 months, and if the environment has a lot of dust you are required to do it every month or once a month.
We as technicians suggest cleaning the processor using cotton, because the computer component is very vulnerable with the name of a collision and cannot be treated as hard as a rock. Therefore, love your computer as well as possible so that it is durable and can be used for a long time. If there is a severe lag on your computer, we recommend reinstalling your computer to expedite computer performance, for those of you beginners who do not know how to reinstall the computer from scratch you can follow the steps from our previous article because it is very easy to follow there is a tutorial image. That is all and thank you

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